Wind and hail batters students in Zhejiang Province, China

Wind, hail and heavy rain battered the city of Wenzho in the eastern Zhejiang province of China on April 24. Laundry was ripped into the air, people were sent flying and a student job fair was utterly destroyed.

The storm occurred at 3pm on April 24 as large convection clouds formed leading up to the devastating hail, wind and rain which affected the whole province.

Beijing news reported that five students at the job fair in Wenzho were hospitalized after suffering serious injuries while many sustained minor bruises.

The series of clips shows vicious gusts ripping clothes from laundry lines and sending them flapping off into the stormy maelstrom. A person with an umbrella is blown off their feet and slammed onto the rain-soaked ground as wind whips through a building

Tents at the job fair in Wenzho are seen blowing over as students run screaming while trying to protect themselves. The clip also shows the students using multi-coloured stools to cover their heads during a hail storm which sees large hailstones bouncing off of the ground as they fall from the sky.

The footage then shows the ruined job fair marquees after the storm has passed.