5-year-old Deryk gets puppy-shaped miracle after tough childhood

Five-year-old Deryk gets a miracle puppy from his mother after a difficult past few years for them both.

The puppy, named Jorgy, emerges from his box much to Deryk's delight.

"My first son, Deryk’s brother passed away at birth, a year and a half before Deryk was born," said his mother. "Shortly after my divorce my mother lost her battle to cancer and shortly after my mother’s passing my grandmother passed."

Deryk, despite his tender years, is already no stranger to loss, she says, and dogs have always been his passion. "Stuffed animals, clay pieces to paint, stickers, the dog parks, any dog we passes he wants to friend," she added.

Despite Deryk having suffered from allergies from a young age, he was recently cleared of a dog allergy. Around the same time, Jorgy's owner posted an advert on Facebook as they could no longer manage him. "I decided he’d be a perfect fit for our somewhat broken and grief stricken home," she said. She then sourced the North Pole mailbox and prepared the big reveal while he was at daycare.

"Jorgy went and was groomed and then dressed up in his Santa Suit for the big occasion. I blind folded Deryk with the help of friends and staged the area in front of our Christmas tree."

Deryk gave Jorgy the middle name 'Hugh', just as him, and his late older brother both had as their middle name.