"Biggest wave ever surfed by a Russian" recorded in Nazaré beach

Russian big wave surfer Andrey Karr, 31, rode a giant monster wave in Portugal's Nazaré during the recent giant swell of December 14, and is believed to have set a record among Russian surfers.

Locals described this wave as one of the biggest “bombs” of the day along with Tom Butler’s wave, in what is by now the biggest swell of the season. Local surfing experts believe that the wave ridden by Karr set a record as the largest wave yet surfed by a Russian.

English press is already calling for a new world record on a wave ridden that same day by British surfer Tom Butler, but that record is unlikely to be confirmed until WSL Big Wave Awards, which take place in April 2019.

Pedro Miranda, the filmmaker who captured footage of both waves, said on a statement to the press: “This was by far, the biggest wave ever surfed by a Russian, no doubt about it...”

“I don’t like to go into this world record claims and premature measuring contests, size will be officially measured in April 2019 after proper analysed by the WSL with all the angles...

"...one thing I’m sure is that this was the biggest day of the season (so far), and the biggest waves of the day were Tom Butler’s and Andrey Karr’s, I can’t put a measure on each one, but at it’s peak both waves are not that different in size...

"Andrey is one of the most radical guys I know, he’s been coming to Nazaré for 3 consecutive winters and the guy has a very committed attitude, he’s hardcore! I’m really happy for him getting a proper monster bomb here at Nazaré, he totally deserves and I’m sure he’ll shake things up in Russia as they are now well represented in the Big Wave War Race”.

Andrey Karr was teaming up with American big wave surfer Toby Cunningham who had the following statement: "I saw that wave a long way out and saw it dredging off the ledge and made sure I gave Andrey the speed he needed to get down the face.

"While chasing him on the shoulder I got to see it barrel so large that I could see the lighthouse for a split second through the Barrel. I picked him up the second he kicked out of the wave.”