Australian science teacher reinvents traditional Christmas cracker with fun twist

This Australian science teacher has re-invented the Christmas cracker with an interesting twist.

Traditional Christmas crackers are chock full of toys, but Jacob Strickling has created one that happens to be a toy in itself. After the contents are emptied out, the container can be launched and spun into the air with rubber bands, allowing holiday goers to have double the fun.

Strickling demonstrates the procedure in the video. First, he tapes to plastic cups back to back and drills holes in them. Then, he inserts extra string already attached to two party poppers and loops them through the holes. Before wrapping up the invention with Christmas wrapping paper, he adds some toys, pieces of paper with holiday-themed jokes, and three rubber bands looped together.

Once that's done, he calls his daughter, Mickey, into the frame, and together they pull open the Christmas cracker. Strickling then reveals the twist – the looped rubber bands inside, once twirled around the middle of the cracker where the two cups meet, allow it to be launched into the air
with a spin as what Strickling called a 'toy cup flier'.