Footage shows Camp Fire evacuees' tents and personal belongings being thrown into dumpster

This video shows a truck lifting the tents and personal belongings of Camp Fire evacuees into a dumpster at the Butte County Fairgrounds.

Filmer Carl Bartlett told Newsflare that Red Cross personnel were clearing the grounds due to a possible norovirus contamination, though this has not been confirmed. The clip was shot on December 2.

"They are going to be closing this Red Cross location so the high school can have their basketball tournament," Bartlett said. "Priorities in all the wrong places."

Bartlett said crew were using tractors to scoop up any items that were left on the ground and throwing them away.

Thousands displaced by the devastating Camp Fire that destroyed the town of Paradise, California, are living in shelters in neighboring cities. The number of people missing has dropped to 25 and evacuation orders have been lifted in some parts of town.