Beach Doggy Bites at Waves

Occurred on July 6, 2021 / Ludington, Michigan, USA

Info from Licensor: "Tapper had his 1st birthday July 2021! He ran away from abuse and was found at 3 month old with scars and metal wiring wrapped around his neck, in place of a collar. He was to be our foster puppy in October 2020 but became a foster fail the very next day. He is very intelligent, easy to train, and friendly to all living things (babies, angry feral cats, amphibians, etc.). He loves to swim; this was his first summer trip to Lake Michigan. We took many beach videos, including slow motion wave chomps. He quickly learned how to tell when waves were coming in and would bark into the waves while biting them. He did not want to leave the beach, but once in the car he fell right asleep only to wake up an hour later with a very full bladder."