Breast-stroking baboons take over family swimming pool in South Africa

A family in South Africa discovered that while they were away, some intrusive neighbours were using their swimming pool in the baking summer heat.

Consulting CCTV at their home in Marloth Park, Ehlanzeni from the baking hot afternoon of February 4, the homeowner found the culprits: a troop of over-heated baboons.

The filmer explained that: "We installed the camera because every time we came back from work, one could see that someone was swimming.

"Because our property is not fenced off we at first thought it was our neighbours using it without permission.

"I told my wife I think it is baboons but we didn't really want to believe it and hence our decision to get proof in filming them."

He later added: "Baboons can be troublesome to humans but we live peacefully with our animal neighbours and they are always welcome! We are blessed!"