Bus drives through submerged highway during torrential floods in Indonesia

This is a terrible moment when a bus and several motorbikes recklessly crossed a highway overtaken by floods in western Indonesia.

In the video filmed on December 10 at 6:10pm, by the Anai Valley Waterfall on a road connecting Padang to Bukittinggi in western Sumatra, torrential rain can be seen having almost completely submerged the roads.

The rapid current made vehicles and people almost washed away many people desperate to pass, while other vehicles chose to stop as they didn't want to endanger their lives across the heavy current.

Anisa Chairina, the filmer said, "Conditions like this lasted for several hours, and jammed up the road for tens of kilometres."

The flooding had not only affected this road but destroyed a bridge connecting the towns of Padang and Bukittinggi, severing travel between the two.

Aftermath footage from the next morning showed the waterfall no longer flooded the road, but that there was a landslide nearby.

No casualties were reported, while the government has redirected all traffic to different routes while repairs are being made to the damaged areas.