Celebrity elephant is gentle giant as he lets toddler feed him bananas

A brave and curious toddler came right up to a huge elephant in southern India, was allowed to feed the patient animal some bananas.

The elephant, named Chirakkal Kalidasan, is one of the best known trained elephants in India. It was recently featured in the blockbuster movie 'Baahubali,' which was a hit in multiple Indian languages.

On October 23, the elephant’s mahut Sarath Mambi received a visitor, whose two-year-old son wanted to pet the elephant and give it a treat.

At over 11 feet, Kalidasan is one of the tallest elephants in India, while the boy was only just over two-feet tall, but did not let the behemoth intimidate him.

Both Kalidasan and Sarath readily indulged the boy, who bravely offered bunches of bananas, to the eagerly waiting trunk of the elephant.

The gentle elephant made no attempt to pick up a few bananas which fell the ground, instead patiently waiting for the boy to pick them up and hand them over.