Dumb thief stuck dangling from top of building is rescued by police

This is the surrealist moment police save an alleged thief who was trying to flee from them.

The incident occurred in Mohali in northern India on March 11.

Police had filed a case against a local resident Kamaljeet Singh and were looking for him.

Though he managed to elude them, Kamaljeet was spotted having a fight with a man near the market on the evening of March 11.

After receiving a tip-off, policemen rushed to the spot and tried to arrest Kamaljeet, who managed to flee.

The police chased him in their car and then on foot for nearly half a kilometre.

Kamaljeet took the stairs to a tall building and then tried to climb down to the ground floor. But he failed to do so and was left dangling from the edge of the building.

Officers Navdeep Singh and Amrut Singh reached Kamaljeet and pulled him up before taking him to custody.