Farmers in New Zealand Show Us How A Chicken Farm Should Look Like

There has been a lot of talk about <a href="">ethical farming</a>. The 21st century has brought a new way of thinking, and it’s high time that farmers accept it as well.

There’s an ongoing debate whether meat is essential to our nutrition. Vegans and meat-lovers clash on social media as well as real life and both manage to dish out valid arguments. But the simple truth is that it doesn’t matter whether you are pro or against meat, when you should always be for conscious farming.

The trend among western civilization are local farmers. They allow for the animals to be treated well, they keep the hygiene on the highest level and they reduce the carbon footprint. This is all done by paying love and attention to each farm animal, keeping a realistic number of animals and not succumbing to the constant need to make more and more money. In other words, they love what they do.

This chicken farm called ‘Otaika Valley Free Range’ in Otaika, New Zealand is a leading example when it comes to conscious farming. The video shows the farm chickens exiting the compound to run around the free-roaming area. Now this is what a chicken farm should look like!