Father dons T-rex costume to pick up daughter from kindergarten

This is the heart-warming scene as a father surprised his three-year-old daughter by donning a T-Rex costume to pick her up from kindergarten.

The video, captured in Shanghai on October 31, shows the father in a two-metre-high dinosaur costume walking into the entrance of the Oriental Cambridge Kindergarten among the crowds.

He enters the kindergarten, passing through crowds of children and stops in front of his daughter, who is lining up with her classmates.

After the little girl recognises her father, she shouts out “Daddy! Daddy!” and reaches up to pet the dinosaur’s head.

Since the girl once mentioned that she hoped a dinosaur could come to pick her up from school and she behaved well in the kindergarten.

As a reward, the father dressed up as a dinosaur to give his daughter a surprise on Halloween.