Feud? What feud? Kate tells UK student she's excited about Meghan's baby

The Duchess of Cambridge, aka Kate Middleton, had a very down-to-earth chat recently with a student at Leicester University and said she was excited about Meghan Markle's baby.

The candid conversation was recorded by student Petronilla Sibanda on Wednesday as the Duchess was visiting the campus.

The video shows Kate chatting in a relaxed fashion with a group of students but as she begins to walks off, plucky Petronilla asks her how her kids are doing.

Kate tells her that they're "excited about Christmas" and also says that she "can't believe" her youngest Prince Louis is already seven months.

Petronilla isn't done yet and now asks whether Kate is excited about Meghan and Harry's baby.

Kate immediately says that she is, describing it as "such a special time" and also says that she's looking forward to having a cousin for Prince George and Princess Charlotte.