Fjällräven Polar event sees over 200 sled dogs travel 300km through Scandinavia

During this year's Fjällräven Polar event over 200 sled dogs were guided through Scandinavia by a team of around 30 people.

The footage shows some of the stunning scenery the team pass through as well as how much work goes into taking care of the dogs.

Upon finishing their trip in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden some of the team reflected on their Scandinavian adventure.

"I am really sad that it´s finished now and am also thankful and blessed that I had the experience, I am going home as another person," Lena Meier from Germany said.

Another dog-sledder, David Varga, labelled the trip as some of "the greatest days of my life and I am not even kidding."

The Fjällräven Polar event was initially created as a race across Scandinavia but has transformed into an adventure for ordinary people.

Over the years, participants have faced everything from blizzards and -30°C temperatures, to beautiful, sun-drenched landscapes of crisp white snow.