Hardworking moth seen carrying enormous pile of twigs 10 times as big as its body

This hardworking moth knows exactly what it is like to have a heavy load to bear - it was carrying a pile of twigs ten times the size of its body.

The super-strong insect had the pyramid-shaped cargo stacked on its back as it walked uphill along a moss-covered tree.

The moth was under such strain that it had to edge sideways, just a millimetre each step while balancing the sticks.

It was taking the broken twigs back to its protective 'case', a small nest like structure the insect can hide inside and pupate into a silk moth.

The tenacious insect, later identified as a bagworm moth, was seen by tourist Thao Le in Muli, Borneo.

The hiker said the moth was ‘’extra strong’’ and others that he saw in the area were only carrying one twig at a time.

He said: ‘’I found this little moth on a hike. The others had only one twig, but this guy was extra strong. He was carrying a very heavy load.’’

The second video in the clip shows another bagworm moth in the area which was only carrying a small bamboo twig, in comparison with their stronger fellow insect, seen in the first part of the video.

The footage was captured on Wednesday (April 10).