Heartwarming moment Italian grandma enthusiastically high fives marathon runners

This is the heartwarming moment an Italian grandmother inspired marathon runners with an enthusiastic high five in a video that quickly went viral in her homeland.

Valeriana Corelli, who local reports say is 84 years old, attended the Ravenna Marathon, which took place on November 11.

As the runners pass by, Corelli - who has been nicknamed locally the Nonnina della Maratona (Marathon Grandma) - stands by the side of the road, stretches out her right arm and high fives the competitors.

The runners high five her back and those too far away give her a warm wave.

On November 27, Corelli was even given a medal from the Ravenna Runners Club in recognition for her inspirational efforts.

She told local media at the time: "I am truly honored to have contributed to making the Ravenna Marathon even more famous."

Filmer Roberto Catalano described the video as "65 seconds of sport, humanity, love and community."