Hero stray dog shot and injured chasing off armed robbers in Delhi

A shocking story from India's capital of New Delhi has emerged, as a stray dog was shot and injured trying to attack two armed robbers yesterday (December 2).

Police stated that the robbers first stole some 15,000 rupees from a young man named Ravi Kumar in Seelampur, and when he protested, they fired on him. The stray dog in the lane tried to attack them to defend her litter of seven puppies, and ran behind the motorcycle before being hit in the leg.

The two bike-borne assailants shot the dog in the leg after executing their robbery and fled, leaving the injured canine behind. Police officials later rescued the dog and rushed her to a veterinary hospital where she is undergoing treatment.

Police are searching for the robbers using CCTV footage. Apparently two separate calls were received by the police about the incident, the first being for the dog being shot at. Around half an hour later at 4pm a second call was made to report the 15,000 rupee robbery.