Hundreds of tourists flee Thai island as storm Pabuk approaches

Footage shows more than 1,500 tourists waiting to board a boat to flee a Thai island earlier this morning as storm Pabuk approached.

The holidaymakers queued up on Koh Phi Phi in the south of Thailand as the island was expected to be hit by heavy rain and winds of up to 100mph.

Boats took the tourists to the mainland in Krabi province, where officials are working to give them all a place to stay.

Deputy Governor of Krabi Somkuan Kanngern said: ''Many tourists were anxious and panicked about the tropical storm. They wanted to return to the shore. But many businesses were trying to persuade them to stay on the island.

''We intervened quickly and the police helped to calm the chaos and helped to evacuate the island and bring the tourists to safety.

''More than 1,500 people were put on a boat today and brought to Krabi. Hotels and temporary shelters will be prepared.''