Husband loses bet with wife and gets six eggs cracked on his head!

A husband in Richmond, Michigan rued the day he took a bet with his wife that she couldn't reach 500 comments on a social media challenge, getting six eggs cracked on his head for his trouble!

The hilarious video of his egg-cecution, filmed on April 3, shows husband Andy Hussein, 38, getting six eggs broken on his head by his wife, Barbara Hussein, 31, on camera on a chilly day in Michigan.

Barbara Hussein commented: "This happened all because I saw an egg challenge and jokingly told my husband that I was going to post it.

"His response was that I would never get 500 comments, boy was he wrong! In just 3 hours of posting, he was on his way to his first ever egging! Maybe he will think twice next time before doubting his wife's abilities or challenging her!"