Husky Steals His Owner's Toothbrush

Occurred on January 2022 / Peoria, Illinois, USA

Info from Licensor: Maverick Loves to watch my girlfriend and I brush our teeth. He sits in the bathroom interested in what we are doing. A few weeks ago, my girlfriend Caitlin finished brushing her teeth and was washing her face when Maverick, our husky, jumped up to the sink, grabbed her toothbrush, and ran downstairs to the living room with it in his mouth. Being on my phone at the time and her yelling saying he stole her toothbrush, I started recording the video of him prancing around showing off that he's like us with the toothbrush. Caitlin came downstairs to get it from him and he tried to get away from her until she cornered him with the toothbrush still in his mouth.