Incredible moment stranded dog is rescued from 165ft high concrete motorway pillar in Bangkok

This is the incredible moment workers miraculously rescued a lost dog stranded 165ft up an unfished motorway flyover in Thailand.

The five-year-old pooch named Leo ran away from its owner’s home and chased passing cars along the highway in Bangkok on Tuesday (February 26).

A driver reported the dog wandering along the busy road. But before the emergency services could arrive, Leo slipped through a gap in the concrete pillar.

Luckily, he landed on a 2ft wide ledge under the road. Rescuers arrived and spotted the dog trembling on the narrow piece of concrete.

Fearing that Leo could be scared and fall, the workers used pieces of grilled liver on sticks to build up the trust and form a bond to keep him calm.

A cherry picker crane arrived shortly after and lowered the volunteer rescuers under the flyover, where they were able to safely collect Leo.

On Thursday Leo was re-united with the relieved owner, Tawin Nanthasing, 59, who was pictured riding with him in an ambulance after collecting him from the shelter.

He said: ‘’Leo was staying at my daughter’s shop which is near our home. But she went away for a while and left him there.

‘’I think he became hungry and tried to find his way back to our house then became lost and started following the cars onto the bridge.

‘’I found out Leo was missing two days ago and thought he was lost forever. Then I saw on the news about the rescue of a dog on the road.

‘’I’m so happy to have Leo back. I’ll keep a close watch over him all the time now.’’