Just keep going straight! Pranksters pull off hilarious stunt on jogger

A pair of pranksters filmed this hilarious practical joke on a jogger recently in Lebanon.

The video shows one man pushing another in a wheelchair down the promenade in Beirut.

They then stop a man who is running towards them and ask him for directions to the marina.

The jogger tells them to carry straight on in the direction they were going and he continues on his way in the opposite direction down the promenade.

The pranksters then hop in a car to get ahead of the jogger and then ask him again for directions to the marina.

The jogger is baffled by the repeated encounter.

"I was running, how did you beat me here?" he asks.

The jogger begins to suspect that he is the victim of a prank but the practical jokers insist that they have been walking in the same direction the whole time.

When the jogger carries on his way, the pranksters again get into the car to repeat the trick.

"What's happening?" the confused jogger asks this time.

"Maybe it's because the Earth is round," one of the pranksters suggests.

"There's like three of four twins...or maybe I'm losing my mind," the jogger replies.

The prank was filmed on October 17th.