Lads trick the public with a simple fake urination prank, Dublin Ireland

Watch the hilarious prank in which hapless pedestrians think someone is urinating on the pavement just feet away from them on May 24.

A pee-prankster stands with his back to oncoming pedestrians as he holds a bottle of water in the general region of his genitals. This is the wee-machine which dribbles water out onto the pavement and across the paths of the innocent people out for a nice stroll.

With side-splitting results, the pedestrians become incredibly awkward when spotting a man they think is treating the pavement like a toilet.

Most of the victims of this prank decide to approach the pesky pee-er with trepidation and walk past him with expressions of disgust plastered across their faces.

Many do not turn to look at the joker holding the bottle and so carry-on thinking a man was just urinating in the middle of the pavement.

Many do turn to see what on earth is going on sparking hilarious waves of relief to wash across their faces.

Some spot the filmer across the street and realise that the whole thing is a prank set up to make them look like a fool.

Footage shows a prankster standing in various locations throughout Dubin, Ireland holding a bottle which pours a liquid onto the floor.