Little girl rescued after getting foot stuck in cooking gas tank in Malaysia

This three-year-old girl had to be rescued by seven firemen after getting her foot stuck in a gas tank.

The toddler was travelling in a car with her father from Balik Pulau in Penang, northwestern Malaysia on July 8 with a cooking gas below the back seat.

She somehow managed to push her foot through the top of the metal cylinder, getting it firmly stuck.

The panicked youngster began crying and her father had to drive her to the fire station. Footage shows the little girl in tears as the men battle to cut her free.

A spokesperson of the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia in Penang said the girl was frightened by the incident which made it harder to free her.

They said: ''Our team took about 15 minutes to cut the upper part of the tank using a specialized tool before successfully freeing the girl’s legs.''

The crew was praised for their professional and calm approach to solving a difficult situation.