Lone rhino scares buffalo herd away from watering hole so he can have a bath

Incredible footage of a lone rhino surprising a whole herd of buffalo at the watering hole.

The clip shows the white rhino bull walking up to the herd of buffalo in Kruger National Park forcing the buffalo to leave the water they were bathing in, so he can bathe himself in the cool water.

The filmer told Newsflare: “At first I thought the rhino would wait for the buffalo to leave as it was very crowded around the water. To my amazement the bull rhino continued walking straight to the water without hesitation, the buffalo were caught by surprise when the rhino unexpectedly entered the water.”

“This created a huge spectacle, the herd became startled, they jumped up and rushed to the side, making a huge noise while opening up space for the approaching rhino.”

Under normal circumstances the two species do not associate or interact with each other, however, on this day, the heat made for unusual circumstances.