Man Warns Neighbors as Brush Fire Threatens Homes

Occurred on November 13, 2018 / Rialto, California, USA

Info from Licensor: "I was asleep in my bedroom around 9:15 pm. When I heard my grandmother banging on my door yelling about a fire outside, I quickly got up and immediately smelled the fire. I ran outside, saw flames shooting up around 40ft in the air, then quickly ran back inside to grab my video camera. I immediately ran outside to record the fire itself and in an enormous panic, I ran inside to help my family evacuate. I quickly realized that several of my neighbors were not aware of the fire so I grabbed the keys to my car and started to honk the car horn non-stop to hopefully wake up my neighbors. It seemed as if the car horn wasn't enough so I myself ran to several of my neighbor's homes and started to ring/bang on all their doors and windows. The smoke from the fire was quickly overwhelming us so we had to evacuate as the smoke got thick and we were starting to breathe in smoke and irritate our eyes. We then were able to evacuate our house successfully and get away from the fire. Luckily, no homes or lives were lost, thanks to the brave and quick responding firefighters. We were able to return to our homes about 3hrs after the incident."