‘My eyes started to freeze!’ World record paraplegic skydiver suffers goggle mishap during jump

Skydiver Carl Roland received the world record for highest skydive by a disabled person, despite suffering a mishap that nearly froze his eyeballs solid.

The clip, filmed in 2017 but only recently shared online, shows Carl jumping out of the plane over Denmark, when suddenly at 24,000 feet his goggles fly off, resulting in his eyes starting to freeze in the extreme temperatures.

“I was given the opportunity to travel from Oslo to dropzone Denmark to do the highest skydive by a disabled person. I jumped with Paul Henry de Baère in the summer of 2017. During this jump, my goggles flew off and froze my eyeballs for a few seconds!” Carl told Newsflare.

Carl became paraplegic in 2011 and tells his YouTube subscribers that his rehabilitation is skydiving, water sports and general shenanigans with a health benefit.