Thai woman takes a tumble when showing off her mega 18-inch heels

This is the amusing moment a woman struggled to show off her ridiculously high heels and stumbled on the floor at a beauty contest.

Audiences and judges could not take their eyes off of the tallest contestant as she strolled down the catwalk in 18 inch high heels at the show in Ubon Ratchathani, northeastern Thailand.

With the help a security guard, the no.4 contestant successfully managed to come down and greet the judges.

She then posed at the end of the runway, but after four big steps, the model suddenly lost her balance and collapsed on the floor but many people rushed over to pick her up.

Audience member Phatchara-pha Boonsook said that she thought the heels were ''very dangerous'' as soon as she saw the model wearing them.

She added: "Seeing her walking on those things made me feel insecure, so she must have felt something similar.

"I was glad that she was okay after the stumble and eventually took them off. I hope she doesn't wear them again.''

The footage was captured on February 8.