Night pests? This Indian city has elephants rooting through their plants!

A wild elephant created ripples of panic among the residents after it entered an urban residential area in southern India last night (November 29).

A video captured by one of the residents in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu state, shows the giants beast eating a decorative plant outside one of the houses at a private colony.

The elephants lifted the greenery from a vase and ate it on the spot. A few residents who spotted it raised an alarm and called forest officials for help.

The forest officials deployed a rescue team to take control of the situation. A forest official said such incidents are frequent these days as the natural habitats of the elephants are depleting due to massive deforestation, forcing them to enter into the human habitats in search of food.

The forest officials had a tough time in chasing them back to the forest without causing major damage.

The officials are taking measures to keep the wild tuskers away from the city, and have taken steps by installing camps to chase away any wild elephant if spotted near populated areas.