Palestinian protests in London include icon Ahed Tamimi 71 years on from Nakba

Demonstrations in London on May 11 were in protest and remembrance of 'Nakba' 71 years ago when more than 700,000 Palestinians were forced from their homes in the Palestinian War.

The mass exodus on May 15 1948 was as a result of a number of factors including Jewish military advances which saw between 400 and 600 Palestinian villages destroyed. Urban Palestine was almost completely obliterated during the war and May 15 is remembered by Palestinians as Nabka Day.

Many Palestinians settled in refugee camps in neighbouring states and the 'right to return' is an ongoing dispute in the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Footage shows a large number of protesters walking through London to chants of "Free! Free! Palestine!".

Leading the protesters is iconic Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi, 17, who was filmed slapping Israeli soldiers at the entrance to her home in Palestine. Ms Tamimi was incarcerated for eight months after an aggravated assault conviction and released last July to crowds of chanting supporters.

Footage shows speakers making claims that "It was Britain that was supposed to protect the rights of an entire people! But it failed"

There are hundred of protesters walking through the streets of London carrying Palestinian flags and 'Free Palestine' banners. Ahed Tamimi walks with a stoic face behind a large banner surrounded by protesters.

Drums and cymbals can also be heard thundering out as the crowd chant and cheer for the freedom of Palestine.