Persistent chihuahua tries to reach crisp left on table but keeps on failing

This is the adorable moment a Chihuahua puppy tries in vain to reach a crisp left on the table.

The owner was playing with one-year-old Chanel when snack tumbled out of the packet onto the living room table in Chonburi, eastern Thailand.

She left the room to use the toilet and returned to find Chanel standing on her hind legs while trying unsuccessfully to grab the crisp with her little paws.

Footage shows the cheeky dog staring wistfully at the food while moving around the table to try and get closer to the target.

Chanel refused to give up even when her owner walked back and watched her while telling her off.

The little mutt even looked up with her puppy eyes as if to ask her master for help.

The owner said: ''It was my fault for not noticing the crisp that was left on the table.

''But Chanel knows I’ll always give her something to eat if she does a cute puppy face. This time I had to say no, though.

''I didn’t give it to her because it’s a human food and it’s unhealthy for her. She needs to learn not to climb on tables, too.''