Sea lions, pelicans and iguanas wait in line at fish market on the Galapagos Islands

A fishmonger on the Galapagos Islands had some unexpected visitors as sea lions, pelicans and iguanas patiently wait to feed on the leftovers.

This particular marketplace saw a flock of pelicans, a couple of sea lions and an iguana arrive as the fishmongers prepare the fish to be sold.

Ross Turner, who filmed this bizarre scene whilst on holiday, told Newsflare: "These shenanigans are a regular occurrence at this fish market as long as the fishermen are processing their catch of the day. There were sea lions, an iguana, pelicans, and other types of birds."

Tourists and locals watched on as the polite animals form an orderly queue to wait for their turn to feed on the fish.

"All of us spectators at the fish market were watching in amazement at how the animals and people mingled during the processing and how the animals respected each other's space and were not fighting over food," Turner added.

This footage was captured in January last year.