Shocking crash for cash resolved after 2 years

A driver involved in a crash for cash scam had to wait two years for the insurance company to resolve the case.

Dashcam footage shows the moment of the crash which happened on July 22, 2016.

A Seat Leon car dangerously overtakes another car and suddenly stops, colliding with the driver behind.

''I was travelling home from work when the silver Seat Leon undertook me in a 24-hour bus lane and zigzag lines of a pelican crossing. As soon as he was ahead of me, he swerved into my lane and suddenly stopped, leaving me no time to brake,'' said the affected driver.

The driver in the Seat Leon then gets off his car and seems to scold the driver in the vehicle behind.

''He immediately got out of his car and asked me why I had gone into the back of him. He asked me this repeatedly and every time I responded, 'I have a camera'. Eventually, he sheepishly walked back to his car and drove to the next side street so that we could exchange details,'' he continued.

It took two years for the innocent driver to get the compensation. ''I was expecting it to be a very quick insurance process but in the end, it took two years before it was confirmed that I was not at fault. My insurance was not to blame however, I was told by my insurance company that the third parties insurers repeatedly ignored their attempts of making contact.''

''It may be coincidental but the Seat Leon was a rental car from an accident management company. Also, I believe the BMW that was in front of me may have also been involved. As soon as the Seat Leon moves in front of me, the BMW also suddenly brakes. However, the involvement of the BMW was never proven.''

The driver said that he had contacted West Yorkshire police after the incident but he was told that it was something they don't usually get involved in.