Six year old decides to transition from boy to girl in life-changing transition

Arianna Quizhpi was born Jorge and raised as a boy, but told her mother that she was transgender at the age of six, inspiring the courage for her mother's partner to also make the transition.

Arianna's mother Jasming, who identifies as pansexual, had split from Arianna's father and was living with her girlfriend Jennifer Hull in Cranford, New Jersey when Arianna made her announcement in 2016.

Jasming was at first a little shocked to hear her then-son's declaration, but understood and helped Arianna realise her true self: “When she told me I was a little bit overwhelmed, but I’m a pretty open minded person... At the beginning of her transition I mostly felt nervous for her, but I knew I had to help her be the person she was meant to be."

However, Arianna's choice also inspired Jennifer and just two weeks after Arianna began her transition to female in July 2016, Jennifer found the courage to come out as a man named Braxton.

Jasming and Braxton have since married and are raising Arianna together as their true selves. Arianna, now 8, currently is attending her school as a female student, and will begin hormone therapy once signs of puberty appear.