Terrifying moment report of gunfire causes mass panic at San Diego college

This was the scary moment a San Diego college campus went into a panic mode as an active shooter was reported on site on Tuesday (February 26).

Southwestern College students can be seen running for their lives across the campus as they believe there is an active shooter in the vicinity.

The filmer explained: "There was a reporting of gunfire on the third floor of the library at Southwestern College in San Diego, CA.

"The students inside the library were urgently told to evacuate the building immediately, students fled out and within minutes received a text/email from the school being notified of a possible shooter on campus.

"Some students remained near the library while the police checked out what was going on inside and after about five minutes cops and school officials started yelling to run and go."

The filmer later added: "Fortunately it was a false alarm but that does not change the very intense scare students and staff went through, leaving students a bit jarred afterwards."

The college released a statement saying: "College Police and Chula Vista Police investigated possible gunfire on the 3rd floor of the Chula Vista Southwestern College library.

"Only the library was evacuated and the entire campus went on a brief lockdown, which has now been lifted.

"The all-clear has been given by both College and Chula Vista police. All operations resume as normal."

Southwestern College is currently offering counselling sessions for those affected by this situation.