Thai man goes into bathroom to find giant monitor lizard chilling in the water tank

This is the skin-crawling moment a man went to the toilet and found a huge monitor lizard in the water tank.

Attasit Charoensuk, 32, heard a splashing noise when he walked into the bathroom at his home in Thonburi, Thailand, on Sunday (06/01) afternoon.

He was stunned to see the 4ft long reptile swimming in his water tank used for storing water for having a shower.

Attasit grabbed the beast by the tale and yanked it from the water. It dropped onto the tiles before scurrying away through an open door.

The sales worker is heard in the video saying: ''You little blighter, what are you doing in my bath. Look at you, swimming away happily.

''Are you trying to hide from me? Come on, you can't hide from me.''

Speaking afterwards, Attasit said: ''It looks like we have a new member of the family. I hope my wife doesn't get jealous.

''I was scared when I saw the lizard and after I pulled it out I ran away.''