Thai schoolboy rescued after getting foot stuck in gap between bench and wall

This unlucky schoolboy needed to be rescued after getting his foot stuck in the gap between a bench and a wall.

The youngster said he was sitting on the bench at break time when he somehow managed to get his foot stuck in the narrow gap.

The seven-year-old spent 15 minutes desperately trying to free himself before teachers came to help at the school in Sukothai, northern Thailand last Tuesday (July 30) afternoon.

But staff could not help the boy, who was becoming more and more scared, so decided to call local rescue teams for help. They spent twenty-five minutes trying to release him from the jam.

One of the rescue workers said: "First, we cut the sock to widen the tight space, but it was not so effective. We decided to use oil as a lubricant and fortunately, it worked."

The boy was shaken but not injured. He thanked the rescuer and went back to his class happily.