Thirsty women hold water riot at government office in central India

Thirsty women rioted for improved water access on March 20 in a village in western India.

After desperately waiting for water, women marched to the ‘panchayat’ or a local government office in Fardapur in Aurangabad district, Maharashtra state, holding empty vessels.

They ransacked the office and flung chairs meant to seat local bureaucrats and elected officials.

A few men, who followed the women and filmed the rioting, urged women not to throw the empty vessels. But many thirsty protesters were in no mood to listen.

The women returned to their homes only after officials promised that they would supply water within a few hours.

This district in particular is prone to droughts and with the onset of summer, water sources are drying up creating a severe crisis in the region.

Women are worst hit as it is traditionally their responsibility to fetch water for the family.

Women, who are forced to trek for long distances to find water, have begun to protest demanding that the government supply water regularly.