Tiny baby elephant enjoys a good butt scratch

This baby elephant was caught scratching an itch on its rear in Kruger National Park, South Africa.

Footage shows the little one rubbing its butt on the muddy ground close to its herd on June 28.

The filmer told Newsflare: ''The baby elephant got itself sitting down it its bum, looking really adorable. It was clear that the urgency to get onto its bum was a great itch.

''The baby elephant then started scratching its bum on the ground, moving forward and backwards.

''This was really funny to watch as the method used by this baby elephant is not common among elephants due to their size.

''Usually they will scratch those hard to reach places against a rock or tree trunk in attempt to get rid of pesky ticks and insects stuck to their skins.

''This baby elephant didn’t waste time finding a tree trunk or a rock and its innovative and awkward way of enjoying a good bum scratch was the overall highlight of this sighting.

''After the good bum scratch, the baby elephant got up, satisfied and relieved from the great itch and slowly moved back into the herd.''