Tropical Storm Falcon blows over trees and power lines in Thailand

Tropical Storm Falcon sparked chaos last night after blowing over trees and power lines in Thailand.

The effects of the tropical storm which struck the Philippines were also felt in Trang, southern Thailand, which is across the South China Sea.

Strong winds blew over a 50ft tall tree which pulled down electricity posts and caused a blackout in Pak Men beach area. Several shop signs were also dragged down by the overhead cables.

District chairman Wichai Chusiangjeaw contacted the Provincial Electricity Authority immediately after the incident.

He said: "I also have to gather people to clear the tree and some restaurant signs off the road because this road is always a busy one.

''There is another tree blockage not far from here, I am glad that no one was hurt from the incident."

The staff took several hours to re-install the electricity posts until the power was ready to back on before dawn.

The tropical storm is now moving north at 30 kilometers per hour (km/h) from the previous 20 km/h. It continues to have maximum winds of 65 km/h and gustiness of up to 80 km/h.