Two Dogs make Baby Laugh Hysterically

If you ever doubted that dogs are man's best friends, this video here will convince you it's true! Just take a look at this amazing happy family of three - two adorable puppies and the beautiful baby boy, playing together on the floor! The amount of happiness and enjoyment in this video really hits the roof, and you don't want to miss it! You just have to check out these two cheerful pups who are chasing each other all around the place and entertain an adorable baby boy who is sitting on the floor with them. They just run around, and he tries to catch them as they pass by. But, the more they run, more and lauder the boy laughs! Isn't this one of the best heart melting scenes you've seen in a while?! Oh, what a funny bunch they are. We bet the three of them will stay the bests of friends forever.