Villagers waiting six years for bridge to be finished make their own from bamboo

Residents in a remote village in the Philippines took the matter into their own hands by building a wooden bamboo bridge to cross a river.

Locals in Lisap in Oriental Mindoro have to wade through rocky streams on the flood plain which is completely submerged after heavy rain.

They're so tired of waiting for a government bridge, seen in the background of the clip, to be finished that they made their own from bamboo.

Joen Mameng Eustaquio said builders started work six years ago on the suspension bridge for the remote region to reach neighbouring towns.

He said: "Six years have passed and only the solid foundations on either side of the bridge have been done. We can't risk having accidents this typhoon season so we made our own bridge while the sun was shining and the water was low.

On April 4 this year, Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte inaugurated the province's longest concrete bridge worth 317.7 million pesos (5m GBP) in Lisap which connects two villages to the main highway that is separated by the Bongabong river.

Mameng said that the hanging bridge that was left unfinished is supposed to connect another part of Lisap to the native group Mangyan which inhabits the more secluded parts of the area.

The footage was captured on August 26.