Watch villagers in India get trampled by herd of cows for Diwali

A bizarre ritual performed today (November 8) in Ujjain, in central India saw scores of men volunteering to get trampled by cows and bulls to bring prosperity.

The century-old ritual followed by Hindu men took place during the day of Govardhana Puja in the city of Ujjain in Maharashtra state.

Cows have their hides and horns painted in a variety of colours and are herded together to make the march.

The herds then are funnelled through the narrow streets, walking over the men lying down in the road, with many men being trampled by the cattle.

Despite knowing the dangers involved, hundreds of men travel all the way to the city to lay down on the ground as the cows and bulls are let loose.

While many know the ritual can be deadly, men willingly follow the age-old Hindu belief that cattle - considered extremely sacred in Hinduism - can wipe off their troubles and bless them with happiness and prosperity.