Woman Calls Police over Manual Driving Lesson

Occurred on February 2, 2021 / Colorado, USA

Info: "I had recently been talking to my girlfriend about driving manual cars and she wanted to learn. I told her I would teach her for a few minutes before we went out to dinner. I took her outside my house and not to a parking lot as it was literally going to be 5 minutes max and then we were leaving. She took off perfect the first time ever and then stalled the car (mustang) a little bit down the road. That is when the Karen and her children came outside and started yelling at us and making fun of her. She was acting very strange and began yelling and called the police on us. That’s when I turned on my camera on and recorded what we saw. He told the cops I have had many, many complaints about my exhaust on my car and racing up the neighborhood street. The cops then came and told me that they’ve received zero complaints about my car and that she had wasted police time. they said they loved my car and to keep doing what I do and to stay clear of her and her family."