Backpack-clad penguins at Harbin snow festival angers Chinese netizens

Penguins were dressed up with backpacks to attract visitors at Harbin Ice and Snow World in northern China, causing mixed reactions.

The video, captured in Harbin City in Heilongjiang Province on January 13, shows penguins from Harbin Polarland walking around on an ice sculpture while wearing small custom backpacks.

In the clip, a woman says: “I think they are very cute animals. I take my child with me and can teach them to protect animals in the future.”

A child can be heard saying: “Penguins are cute. When they saw me, they were wobbling.”

However, some netizens on Chinese Twitter-like service Weibo did not agree with them. One commenter said: “You guys only see the cute side but never think about the penguins’ feeling. … Do they really want to carry the backpacks? Will they still be able to survive in the wild if they are treated like that for a long time?”

Other angry netizens also commented with statements such as: “That is animal abuse! But you reported it as positive news?”

Others said: “Selfish human beings!” and “You let the penguins carry backpacks just for fun?”

It is unclear how heavy the backpacks are or if they are empty.