CCTV captures incredible moment Indian couple walks away from horror crash

An Indian couple somehow walked away with only minor injuries after a driver smashed them off their motorbike and then ran them over.

Horrifying CTV footage, which was captured on 1 April on the Bangalore-Chennai national highway near Chittoor, shows the couple slowing down and then switching between several lanes as they attempt to make a U-turn.

A white Mercedes SUV approaches at speed and is unable to slow down in time as the motorbike meanders into its path.

The couple fall onto the vehicle and then both go under the wheels.

The driver of the motorbike quickly gets to his feet but the female passenger remains stuck beneath the front wheels of the SUV.

The driver and passengers of the SUV get out and try in vain to pull her from beneath the vehicle.

The driver then slowly reverses and she gets to her feet.

Incredibly, they were treated for only minor injuries.