Determined Pup won't stop till he has his Toy in his Crate

Dogs are such hilarious creatures and they bring nothing but joy into our lives. If you are a dog owner, you’ll agree with me on this for sure! This funny clip tells a story about a little dog’s adventures at home and it’s too funny to handle! As the clip begins, you can see a cute dog on a mission. And what does his mission entail, you may wonder? Well, he wants to squeeze his toy through a small cage door, but it just won’t fit. LOL! Just because his first attempt is a fail, it doesn't mean that this little dog is giving up. He is determined to get that toy into the cage. He gets into the cage himself and tries another way. Mission accomplished successfully! To be honest, I was doubtful about whether he’s going to make it. But this little pup exceeded everyone’s expectations! LOL! This whole video is too funny for words!