Extinction Rebellion protests continue in London despite over 200 arrests

Over 200 people have been arrested as the Extinction Rebellion protests in London go into their second day. The climate change campaigners camped overnight on Waterloo Bridge, Parliament Square and Oxford Circus. Police have said over 500,000 people have been affected due to transport disruptions.

Footage shows protesters milling around and camped out on Waterloo Bridge with the National Theatre in the background. We can also see other iconic London landmarks later on in the video such as the London Eye.

We are shown slogans like "Stop Climate Change" and "Tainted Humanity" scrawled in coloured chalk all over the road.

Footage also shows tents pitched on the bridge, a policeman talking with protesters and cyclists trying to get through the crowd. We can hear singing and see activists' flags flap under the grey skies of London.