Lioness attempts to attack siblings through glass at New Orleans zoo

This is the moment a lioness at Audubon Zoo in New Orleans attempted to sneak up on a five-year-old boy on the other side of the enclosure's glass window.

The lioness is barely visible at the start of video as it creeps through the shrubbery before breaking into a sprint.

Jory Ledet, who filmed these videos on July 28, told Newsflare: "At first we were just trying to get a picture of him [Jaxon] like anyone does at the zoo by the glass in front of where the lions were laying in the background.

"We noticed the lion climb down from the rock. At that point, I started videoing the lion starting to creep up towards the window. We knew the glass was going to protect us and we were not in danger.

"My son thought it was so cool and is still telling everyone about his day at the zoo with the encounter of this lioness."

Jory also managed to capture the moment his nine-month-old daughter, Lillian, coming face-to-face with the curious lioness.

"Once the lion pounced at my son, the lion just stood there for a few seconds and that is when my wife also put my daughter closer to try and get a picture of the kids up close to the lion.

"This is when the crowd began to swarm around us. Once we pulled our kids out from by the glass the lion turned its back to the crowd," Jory added.