Naked tourist detained after standing in the middle of road and refusing clothes

A naked tourist was detained after standing in the middle of a road and refusing to put on clothes on June 27 in Pattaya, Thailand.

The blonde-haired man, who has not been identified, was seen holding up traffic last night and when police and nearby taxi drivers rushed over to investigate, he refused to cooperate.

Locals brought out a pair of denim shorts, which he declined to wear, before eventually being forced to cover up with a towel.

Officers describe him as being a Western man, about two meters (6'5'') tall and thin with blonde hair and blue eyes. He had no identification on him at the time.

Police took the man to the local station and then to a nearby hospital for a check-up. He was kept in overnight while police were trying to identify him and check his visa credentials.

A witness on the scene, Salick Kitmanee says,

‘’The man was not replying to anybody. He wouldn’t talk and he didn’t want to wear any clothes. Nobody knows what happened to him or where he came from.’’